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I feel that art, whether you created it or someone else did, has the power to bring joy, curiosity, healing, beauty and self-expression.


As a teenager, I began drawing to find a way to communicate the emotions that were difficult for me to verbalize. It gave me a sense of comfort to have something I could see and physically touch that validated those thoughts that I couldn’t otherwise express.


Throughout my 20’s and most of my 30’s, my energy was dedicated to raising my 5 wonderful children. Several years ago, my oldest daughter came home with her art from class. I was so impressed with her work. She reignited the fire in my heart that had been smoldering and patiently waiting for me for nearly 2 decades.  


I was 37 when I went back to college to work toward a degree in art.  I wanted to learn everything I could about art history, its importance in cultures all over the world, how I could gain the skills to improve, and how I could help others through art. It brought me a renewed sense of commitment and intense drive and it brought me joy.


My dream is to help support my family financially through my art. A wise friend said that perhaps it is time for me to put my full energy into a career path that I love and where I can see myself far into the future. I grinned and said determinedly, “Until I can’t hold a pencil”.  


I have since, thrown myself into visual art. I am here to share that with you. I’m confident you will find something you love. 


I will be offering art classes this summer in Thomasville, NC. These classes will cover topics ranging from basic drawing skills to advanced shading techniques, composition, color theory and more and will be applicable to all experience levels. I will be hosting a FREE class on Neurographic Art on June 25th, July 23rd, and August 20th. I will provide materials for a small fee for those that do not already have their own.


Thank you for visiting my page and helping me to fulfill a dream for myself and my family.

Available for commissions & collaborations


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